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Business Rules and Engines

This topic expands on my previous post “Increasing STP Rates – the Fantastic Four“. Specifically, I’m going to expand on the role of the centralised Rules Engine, what it does and how to use it. (). You’ll no doubt have … Continue reading

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Business Analyst’s Tools – Data Flow Model

In this article, I’m going to talk about a simple yet powerful tool that every Business Analyst should have in their arsenal – namely Data Flow Modelling (). Specifically, I’m going to talk about producing a tangible asset that can be … Continue reading

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Successfully Managing Business Analysts

I am very passionate about the work that the Business Analyst (BA) does – I should be, I’ve been one for long enough. The role of the BA is critical to the success of any project. If the delivered system … Continue reading

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Don’t dis the “As Is”!

So, your project has kicked off. It’s big. It’s strategic. A career maker. Your task? To design and implement a new strategic messaging platform to replace the existing legacy system. This constitutes a myriad of SQL scripts, staging tables, tactical … Continue reading

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Increasing STP Rates – The Fantastic Four

No exciting trips out and about were to be had for this blog entry. Just me, a keyboard and several cups of terrible coffee. My topic this time is Straight Through Processing (STP) and I thought we’d have a very … Continue reading

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We have wandered into the world of the Twitter for this blog entry. We attended, if indeed “attended” is the right word for it, a Twitterview with DerivSource (The online community and information source for professionals active in derivatives processing, … Continue reading

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MTFs vs Securities Exchanges

Having not been down to Paternoster Square for a while, I arrived with the expectation of seeing ranks of protestors laying seige to the London Stock Exchange (LSE). However, it was as emmaculate as ever and the attendees of the … Continue reading

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