ISDA FpML Training Course – Notes

FpML Logo A member of the team attended one of ISDA’s London training session on FpML (the basic FpML Training Course, 26-Nov-2013).


The good?
+ Rather natty FpML 5 User Guide
+ Authoritative talk on interest rate derivatives from Harry McAllister (Information Architect, BNP Paribas)
+ Many pertinent heckles from Andrew Jacobs (FpML Lead Architect, HSBC, and proprietor of HandCoded Software)

The ‘room for improvement’?
– Time management – one 40 minute session overran by 50 minutes ūüôĀ

What we learnt:
Most of our recent experience is with FpML 4 Р the message structure in 5 is looking a lot cleaner

We are working on product taxonomy and reference data at the moment, so the content around FpML coding schemes was highly relevant, as well as the insight into how the FpML authors decided whether to use enumerations or external coding schemes.

Always good to have XML namespaces explained again – we’ve looked at it for 15 years, and it¬†never seems to get any easier to understand.

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