IDX 2011 Conference Notes

IDX LogoWe attended the second day of IDX, with the intention of focussing primarily on clearing.

Some themes we picked up:

  • Static data is a problem for everyone
  • Everyone is aware of SunGard’s dominance in Middle and Back Office, but no-one knows what to do about it
  • It is becoming a real struggle to manage the pace of change, with the regulators and the exchanges being the prime causes now, only followed by the vendors and finally the clients
  • How can regional regulators address a global business?
  • Interoperability seems a long way off
  • Portfolio margining is only going to become more important as collateral becomes scarcer
  • Not to mention the move of OTC products to CCPs …

One interesting fact that came out in the break-out sessions was that the number of FCMs has diminished by 50 from the 168 that were around 5 years ago.

We enjoyed a brief look at FFastFill‘s SEALS product – the Carte Blanche feature sounded strangely familiar, and the promise of bi-directional exchange communications means we will definitely be taking a closer look.

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